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We stock top quality gilding products, gold leaf, gold flakes & metal leaf from Noris, Kölner & Nazionale.

Edible Gold Leaf

Edible gold leaf is made exclusively for the food industry. Both the United States and the European Union authorised the gold and silver leaf as a consumable metal under the code E175. The leafs are so thin that they will disintegrate in your mouth instantly.

Edible gold leafs are not the same gold leafs that used to decorate objects. These gold leaves are not only made from genuine gold but also manufactured specifically for the food industry with strict safety standards, whereas the imitation gold leaves are made from zinc, copper and other alloys.

Gold leaf is available in 43x43mm, 50x50mm, 93x93mm, and in booklets of 5 leafs, booklet of 25 leafs, and these gold leaf booklets also available in Transfer: 5 leaf booklet Patent, 25 leaf booklet Patent.

Kölner Gilding Products

Imitation Leafs

Imitation gold leafs, metal leafs or composition leafs are to be used indoor only. We stock Noris Imitation leaf (German), Nazionale (Italian), Taiwanese and Chinese. Available in booklets of 25 leafs or in packs of pack 10, 25, 100, 500, 1000 & 5000. All can be used on all surfaces with any gilding size. Recommended gilding adhesive: Permacoll Gilding Size and Mission or using the traditional method of Rabbit Skin Glue which is far cheaper option.

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