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Genuine Gold Leaf

The genuine gold leaf is for both indoor and outdoor gilding. Genuine gold leaf is available from 6k white gold (gold and palladium mixed together) up to 24k Extra Thick Gold Leaf, green gold leaf has the addition of silver, and red gold leaf is a about 20% copper added to the gold. However, for outdoor gilding, you must use 23k and above to avoid oxidisation.

Edible Gold Leaf

Edible gold leafs are not the same gold leafs that used to decorate walls, furniture and valuable objects. Edible gold is not only made from genuine gold but also manufactured specifically for the food industry with strict safety standards; this means all the equipment are rubricated with vegetarian oil and not with toxic industrial oil.

Our edible gold leaf contain no chemicals, no vegetal extracts, no anti-oxidants, no bio additives, no preservatives, and no chelating agents.

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Gilding Size

The Instacoll Gilding Size gloss (the mat is for indoor only) is for porous and non-porous surfaces, interior & exterior when gilding with genuine gold leaf. For gilding with imitation gold, silver, copper use Permacoll Gilding Size but for interior only. For general gilding with imitation gold, copper and silver on wood use Nazionale Mission gilding size. For special gilding projects, read Choosing The Right Gilding Adhesive.

Gilding Workshops

Learn how to gild anything on wood, metal, stone & fabric:

Water Gilding with KGGG System Fond, Buy now at Gold Leaf NZ

Oxide Pigment

Oxides pigment, like paints, can be mixed to provide a variety of colours for coloring wood, metal, ceramic, paint, concrete, coating, ink, leather, plastic and rubber. It can be mixed with binder to tint your glaze and varnish, or to make your own paint.

Pastel shades can be obtained with the light brown, reds, green and yellow by using white cement instead of grey in the mix.


Edible gold inspiration using
24k gold flakes and gold Leaf

Add a luxury style to your dinning moment using

24k gold flakes and edible gold leaf.

Turn your usual celebration into a royal event by adding some gold flakes to your food and beverage.

The reward is nothing but a golden memory for years to come.

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Gilders Tools

At Gold Leaf NZ We stock high quality gilding tools mainly made in Germany by Noris: Gilders Cushion, Gilder’s Tip, Gilder’s Pad, Agate Stone Burnisher, Gilder’s Knife, Instacoll Tool for Imitation leaf and Gilder’s brushes, and more..

Gilding articles

Visit our blog for articles on gilding and the right products to choose for a particular gilding project.

Kölner Aqua Size For Gilding With Imitation Gold Leaf On Wood, Paper & Plaster

Kölner Aqua size (Application milk) is a water-based gilding adhesive for indoor only. The Kolner Aqua Size is only suitable for metal leafs that are thicker than the genuine gold

Keum-boo or Kum-bu: the application of 24k gold leaf on silver

Kum-Boo (also spelled keum-boo or kum-bu) is a Korean decorative appliqué technique in which pure gold foil is fused onto the surface of finished silver objects; similar techniques are also

How to gild with the Instacoll System Base Size and the Activator

Instacoll is a size for attaining a high gloss weather-resistant exterior and interior gilding. It can be used on nearly all substrates that have been prepared using standard accepted techniques

How to use cosmetic gold leaf on your skin

Cosmetics gold leaf, 24k gold for better skin. Get a bright and glowing skin like celebrities. The process is not only easy and fun but also luxurious and pleasing to