Return & Refund

At Gold Leaf NZ, we believe you should buy the right product and be happy with your purchase. But we sometimes change our minds about what we purchase for no reason. No problem at all, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee store wide*.

Conditions for refund/return:

  1. The product must be returned within ten days of purchase.
  2. All refunds are processed within five working days of receiving the product.
  3. You are entitled to a full refund, but you must pay for the cost of returning the products to us.
  4. Refund amount is made to the original method of payment at the time of purchase.

*Our 100% money-back guarantee does NOT apply to the following products:

  1. All genuine gold, flakes, powder.
  2. All edible gold leafs, flakes, powder.
  3. Backorders.
  4. Discounted/sale products.

And this is because genuine gold products prices are regularly fluctuating, and we have no means of testing the returned genuine gold to its karat value.1- The product must be in its original condition.