Permanent contact adhesive on acryl base. It is usable for interior applications only. It has more adhesive strength than Instacoll and is therefore particularly well suited for gilding with imitation gold, copper, & silver.  This high-quality adhesive ensures a special shine for all metal leaves. A poliment gilding effect can also be easily imitated with the red Permacoll.

Permacoll – Size is recommended as an adhesive for metal leaf on all types of non-porous surfaces, smooth or textured.

Porous surfaces such as plaster, stucco, wood and wood composites should first be impregnated with Kolner Sealer 123A or Kolner sealer P thinned 1: 0,5 with water. After the sealant is dry apply Permacoll – Size, un-thinned, with a soft brush.

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