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Polishing Gilding Size in Powder For Water Gilding, Red, 300g

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

In Stock

  • For high gloss water-gilding.
  • No need to add glue.
  • You can prepare exactly the quantity you need.
  • Colour: Red.
  • Made in Germany


In Stock

Gilders size in powder for high gloss water-gilding. It is usable instantaneously, no need to add glue. You can prepare exactly the quantity you need.

Suggestion for the preparation:

1- Add 1 portion of distilled water to 1 portion of polishing size powder,  for instance 10g of distilled water and 10g of polishing size powder. In case you need it thicker, you can add more powder. Pay attention not to create brush stroke.


2- After that time stir again. Now the first application can be made. Always close tin after using.

3- Use a soft hair-brush. Oval or large gilding brushes are suitable. The brush is not too small in order to avoid grooves.

4- Don’t apply in too thin layers and work only in one direction. The polishing size is drying in 20 to 30 minutes and covers well afterwards.

5- Before applying the next layer, let it dry thoroughly. Act equally with the second, third and maybe fourth application.

6- When everything has dried well after the last application (after about 3 to 4 hours), due to the brush small imperfections may have appeared. You can remove them with a piece of abrasive paper (granulation 500 – 600) or Polishing Steel pad.


7- The dried polishing size must now be polished with a polishing steel wool pad or a wool cloth. Thus, the surface is condensed and the gilding water stays better on the surface.


8- In order to avoid stains afterwords, please don’t touch the surface with your fingers. We recommend to use cotton gloves.

9- You can now start gilding:
Spread the gilding water (= usually a mixing of distilled water and 1 tea spoon of alcohol) on the surface you want to gild. Put the genuine gold or silver leaves on it.

10- This gilding technic is only for the loose genuine gold leaf or loose genuine silver leaf.

11- Make sure not to spread too large portions of the water because it dries very fast and the gold-leaf doesn’t stick on dry ground.


12- After applying the gold-leaf let it dry well (2 – 3 hours) and then polish well with Agate Stone Burnisher. Sometimes, you can try earlier to polish, but if the surface is not perfectly dry, the gold-leaf moves.


Tools you need for brilliant water gilding are:

Gilders knife
Gilders Tip
Agate Burnisher