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Instacoll Activator for the 48h HA Instacoll Base, Component 2, Buy at Gold Leaf NZ


In stock

  • Interior and exterior
  • High Active (HA)
  • High Gloss
  • Made in Germany


Instacoll Activator for the 48h HA Instacoll Base, indoor & outdoor. Use this gilding adhesive’s activator to reactivate the dried surface. The activation is dry after a few minutes. Thereafter, the treated surface is receptive for gold leaf for at least 1 hour. The adhesion occurs through pressure.

This activator to be used with the 48h gilding adhesive only. For the gilding adhesive (1h) use this activator

How to use

  • Activate the dry and tackles surface of the gilding adhesive using a cotton rag moistened with this ActivatorRub the moistened rag across the gilding adhesive film that you have applied previously (and dried out) up to a very thin and even size film results. This ‘film’ must be sparse that drying results in less than 2 minutes. Now you can apply gold leaf for another 50/60 minutes.
  • Apply patent gold or silver by pressing and rubbing a cotton ball on the back of transfer paper. Continues gilding require always activating the next plane. Overlapped activating onto a just laid leaf enables a seamless gilded surface.
  • Always let the Activator Size dry before applying the next leaf!
  • After the entire surface is covered with metal leafs, press again with the cotton ball the entire surface, especially the overlapping from the gold leaf. After this you can rub the surface with a cotton ball in one direction to get a high gloss gilding
  • Faults or missing area can be filled using the above method again.