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Patina Aging For Gilded Surfaces, Brown, On Acrylic Base, 100 ml, For Old & Antique Looks

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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  • Patina protects from oxidation
  • Use Patina on acrylic base only
  • Size 100ml
  • Made in Germany


In stock

Patina on acryl base. Suitable for simulated aging of gilded surfaces indoors. Creates high contrast and vivid gilding. Suitable for all kinds of gold leaf and metal leaf with the use of all adhesive techniques.

Permacoll Patina can be applied directly to a surface gilded using metal leaf if an aged appearance is required. Any surface that Patina has been applied on will not need any further varnish to seal the metal leaf as the binder in the Patina protects from oxidation.

How to apply Permacoll Patina
To apply the Patina, use Synthetic fiber brushes to brush over the surface. Once done, use a soft cloth to wipe off the excess. You can apply an additional coat on areas where the ageing effects needs to be strongly visible. Discard unused solutions, and clean up brushes with warm soap and water.