Copper Paint Decor Gold For Indoor & Out door, On Metal, Wood, Plaster, Stone


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  • DecorGold paint is a water-based metal effect lacquer
  • Copper paint with anti-corrosive agent
  • Harmless to the environment
  • Low-odor, impact-resistant, gloss-resistant
  • Non-yellowing with very good hiding power
  • Made in Germany


With copper Decor Gold paint you can turn various objects into a metallic copper finish. Apply the copper paint to any object made of wood, metal, plaster, stone, concrete, cardboard, etc.

Decorgold is a high quality paint for the indoor and outdoor such as railings, fencing, walls, canvas, picture frames, statues, indoor and out ornaments, walls, furniture of all kinds, and decorative objects.

Mineral extracted mica and mother of pearl are currently a hot item and are used inappropriately in all kinds of paint products, but also in soap and cosmetics. Unfortunately, the extraction of the mineral mica is subject to child labor and poor working conditions.

High quality gold paint

  • Apply the paint directly to the substrate without primer or undercoat.
  • About 10m² per liter
  • Drying time: about 60 minutes
  • DecorGold paint is a water-based metal effect lacquer
  • The product is anti-corrosive
  • Harmless to the environment
  • Low-odor, impact-resistant, gloss-resistant
  • Non-yellowing with very good hiding power

Copper paint for outdoor

A good copper paint does not contain bronze powder. Bronze powder (copper) will oxidise outdoor. This DecorGold paint does not contain bronze powder, but a combination of coated metal powder and mica pigment, a very fine colored glass particles.

The artificially manufactured mica used in DecorGold is manufactured in Germany and is of the highest quality. DecorGold is excellent for outdoor use and is available in several colors. The color rich gold comes closest to the color of gold leaf and if you want a slightly less exuberant gilding, it is best to choose pale gold.

Copper paint for metal

It is best to first apply a layer of primer.
DecorGold also contains anti-rust agents and therefore has a preservative effect on metal, no topcoat as a substrate is required. Make sure there are no sharp edges, because this is where oxidation will occur first. The DecorGold can also be applied directly to the metal.

Copper paint for wood

First seal the surface by undercoat or lacquer. Then apply the copper paint. For indoor use, a layer of primer is sufficient, then apply the copper paint.

Copper paint on plaster

Plaster is highly absorbent and therefore great for applying copper paint. The metal pigment particles remain on the surface of the paint layer and this gives a nice shimmer. Often a good result is achieved after 1 coat. Use the Kölner brushes. These filament brushes are so soft and give a nice result.

Copper paint on plastic

First treat the plastic with a bonding primer. Then you can apply the copper paint.

Copper paint on polystyrene

Be careful with Polystyrene/tempex, also called styrofoam. Only water-based gold paint products should be used in these surfaces. The DecorGold paint is perfect for this application and can be applied directly to the material without using a primer. In most cases two layers give the best result.

Copper paint on wall

First, smooth the wall to a perfect condition. Paint the wall with a matte paint: For example a light ocher for gold finish, brown for bronze finish, oxide red for Copper finish. Silver is the most difficult color. Paint middle-gray color for silver finish. Metallic paint always works differently from normal paint, this is due to the pigments. The most beautiful paint for walls is DecorGold, which is available in 7 colors.

Normally you will paint a wall in long lines from top to bottom. With a metallic paint you will start to see these jobs. It is best to fill in all sides of the surface with the roller criss-cross. Because you do this criss-cross, an irregular pattern is created. You will see this in the end result, but that is not disturbing. 100% painting of a metallic paint without starting is impossible. This only works if the paint is sprayed by someone who is very skilled.

DecorGold is available in 7 beautiful colors: pale gold, rich gold, copper, old gold, brass, bronze, and silver.

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