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Art Metal Pen – Adhesive Pen For Gold Calligraphy With Genuine Gold Leaf


In Stock

  • Professional adhesive pen for gold leaf
  • Flat head, about 4mm width.
  • Works on paper, fabric, leather
  • Gold pen adhesive ready to use.
  • Made in Germany


In Stock

Create stunning golden writing with this adhesive pen for creating an artistic work with genuine gold leaf. It already has a gilding size, so simply shake well before you use it: Flathead, about 4mm width.
Great for wedding invites, memorable message to someone you love. You can use it on any surface.
Super easy to use:
Write whatever you want, be it on paper, fabric or leather, or even stone, metal or wood.
Wait a few seconds till the size is a bit sticky.
Place a transfer or loose gold leaf on top of the writing to ensure it is pressed gently onto the size.
Lift the tissue paper.
Gently brush off the excess of gold leaf with the small wool soft brush (included) to reveal your artistic golden writing.
Enjoy royal writing that you just created.
This is not a gold pen; it is an adhesive pen that you write or draw with and then apply the transfer genuine gold leaf.