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Kölner & Noris Agent

Noris Agent NZ Kolner reseller in NZ
We stock the finest gilding supplies from Germany

Online only

I do not have a shop for customers to come to. All our orders are online based. Because I work from home (South Otago), I am able to process orders and ship within 24h.

Gilding supplier

I sell genuine gold leaf, metal leaf, gilding products,  gilding tools, edible gold products, cosmetics gold for the beauty salons and skin care professional, and much more.

History of Beginning

Started in Germany, back in 1990. I started learning about gilding after meeting a German artist who has been in the gilding industry for many years.

Personal bio

I have lived and visited more than 20 countries, and I have been living in New Zealand for the last 26 years.

I play chess, and I read every day! I enjoy archery, a game of pool, photography, gilding with gold leaf, calligraphy, abstract painting, a game of cards, graphic design, and computer drawings, camping, beach relaxation, and bush-walking.

I like pizza, pasta, fish, grilled steak/chicken, sushi, Greek salad. And of course my espresso is non negotiable.

Children bring life and joy into homes. I grew up with three sisters and four brothers. I have my own three children and each one of them worth everything the eyes can see.

For me, family, life and fun come first and then work.

I just moved down to South Otago (Clutha) to start a new life (and prepare for what is coming) after 26 years of a happy marriage that ended two years ago.

In addition to my gilding business, I am now raising a few chickens, and I will get few sheep and goats soon. I had 19 rabbits but I gave them away.

gilding with 23k gold leaf

What can we do for you ?

If you are not sure about any of our products, call us on 021 0505449, text or email us.

All our products are carefully selected and we try to import the best quality available..

All orders are processed and shipped daily by 5pm. Orders that are placed after 5pm are shipped the following next business day.

We do care about our customers because we want them to come back to us and feel welcomed shopping at gold leaf NZ. Providing fast service, high quality products and low prices is just what we want you to get.