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Kölner Rapid Stone Mason Size for headstone gilding, 15mins, Yellow, 100ml

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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  • Gilding size for headstone gilding
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Ready in 15 minutes with 8hrs open time
  • Content: 100ml
  • Made in Germany by Kölner


In Stock

Kölner Rapid is specifically developed for stone mason requirements. The adhesive is applied undiluted in two layers with a brush. After approximately 15 minutes of drying (depending on the thickness of the Rapid layer, temperature, and relative humidity), you can either apply a second layer of Rapid or you can start gilding. Beware that the Rapid layer must be completely dry before gilding.

If it concerns a strongly absorbing surface, several layers of adhesive can be applied. Make sure that the layer is always completely dry before painting a next layer.

Sealing of the stone is then no longer necessary. Working with Kölner Rapid is comfortable and safe, and will quickly feel natural. Especially work outdoors can be done fast, yet with high quality, for example on site or/and at the cemetery.

For large surfaces, Kölner Rapid can be sprayed as well after diluting it with no more than 8 % distilled water. A low pressure sprayer with a nozzle size of 1 – 1,5 mm is recommended. Kölner Rapid can also be applied with a brush.

Colours: Yellow or clear, drying time only 15 minutes, open time up to 8 hours guarantee.