24K Edible Gold Leaf for Cake Decoration buy at Gold Leaf NZ

Edible gold leafs are not the same gold leafs that are used to decorate walls, furniture and valuable objects. Edible gold is not only made from genuine gold but is also manufactured specifically for the food industry with strict safety standards; this means all the equipment are lubricated with vegetable oil and not with toxic industrial oil.

Our edible gold leaf contains no chemicals, no vegetal extracts, no anti-oxidants, no bio-additives, no preservatives, and no chelating agents.

Generally, gold leaf from 22-24k is suitable for human consumption. Both the United States and the European Union authorised the genuine gold leaf for human consumption under food colouring # E175, and the genuine silver leaf under food colouring # E174). The leafs are so thin that they will disintegrate in your mouth instantly.

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