Kolner ceramic gilding size Buy at Gold Leaf NZ

Kölner Ceramic Size: Gild on Ceramic, China and Porcelain Using Genuine gold Leaf

Gold leaf can be used on any surface, including ceramic tile, as long as the surface is properly prepared with the Kölner Ceramic gilding size KT5. With this product, minor imperfections and bursts in ceramic material can be filled. After film building, it can be gilded with transfer genuine or imitation gold leaf. The result is a high gloss gilding.

The Kolner Ceramic adhesive is a gilding size for mirror gloss finish on ceramic, china and ceramics. It is formulated for repairing small cracks of gilded china or ceramics. KT-5 / KT-5hv is a water-based, non-burnishable size for transfer gold leaf.

Kolner ceramic gilding size Buy at Gold Leaf NZ

  • The KT5-HV should be applied with a small spatula or surface knife.
  • The metal shine is mirror-like after polishing with Instacoll Tissue. KT5, KT5-HV can be intermixed and thinned with water.
  • Ceramic and Porcelain cavities can be filled directly with kt-5 or kt5-hv. Apply the gold leaf gently and press using an Instacoll Tissue or a wool brush. The drying time depends on the thickness of the application.

The Kolner KT5-HV Ceramics Size is thicker than the KT5 and thus makes it better for filling in a large cavity.

You can also use this size for gilding a new ceramic or china object.

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