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Kölner KGGG System Component 3: Colnasol Concentrate, Ready Made Rabbit Skinn Glue in Gell, 10g

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

In Stock

  • 10g tablet
  • Ready RSG
  • KGGG Component 3
  • Made in Germany


In Stock

Kölner KGGG System Component 3: Colnasol is a concentrated composition of Rabbit Skin Glue but in tablet form. Mixe with warm water, allow to cool and use it when its normal temperature. One tablet of Colnasol is good for 400ml of water. After applying the gold leaf, allow to dry for 24 hours and then polish to a high gloss with an agate stone even after months.

You can also make your own Rabbit Skin Glue.