Aqua Size Kolner Gilding Size buy at Gold Leaf NZ

Kölner Aqua Size For Gilding With Imitation Gold Leaf On Wood, Paper & Plaster

Kölner Aqua size (Application milk) is a water-based gilding adhesive for indoor only. The Kolner Aqua Size is only suitable for metal leafs that are thicker than the genuine gold leaf, such as imitation gold, silver, copper, variegated and coloured leafs.

How to apply the Aqua Size:

  1. The surface must be dust-free and, if possible, non-absorbent.
  2. Apply the Aqua Size with a soft and smooth size brush.
  3. Wait for about 15 minutes till the size becomes sticky, not wet and not dry.
  4. You now have up to 60 hours to gild before the size becomes dry. (the room temperature, humidity and the gilding surface affect the drying time.)
  5. When gilding with imitation metal leaf, it is best to use Gilder’s Gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints on the metal leafs.
  6. To apply the metal leafs onto the surface without scratching the metal leafs, use either Gilder’s Gloves or Wool Brush.
  • Kölner Aqua gilding size for all imitation leafs
  • Water-based gilding adhesive for indoor use
  • Coverage: about 150ml per m².
  • Made in Germany

Kölner Aqua Gilding Size For Imitation Leaf On Wood, Paper, Plaster, Concrete

Aqua Size Kolner Gilding Size buy at Gold Leaf NZ
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