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Blond Shellac Flakes, Sun Extra Bright, Free of Resin & Wax, Varnish, Natural Primer, Sanding Sealant, Stain-blocking Primer

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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  • De-waxed Shellac
  • Dry flakes shellac
  • Blond/Sun Extra Bright
  • Made in Germany


Blond Shellak in flakes (de-waxed), sun extra bright, and free of resin. Used on metal leaf not only to protect the leafs from stain and oxidization.

Shellac is used by gilders on top of the gesso (gesso is a mixture of Rabbit Skin Glue and Whiting) before applying the gilding size to prevent the gilding size from mixing with the gesso.  It is applied with various techniques directly on the applied metal leaf and preserves it from possible, subsequent oxidations. Shellac is a classic sealer for artists who wants to finish off their artwork to a professional level.

To dissolve: add 100g of Blond Shellac to 1 litre of ethanol (ethyl alcohol) or methylated spirit in a glass jar, lock well and put in a warm place. Strongly shake around the dissolution several times to accelerate. The shellac is ready for use after dissolve complete. Keep locked cool and well!

  • Perfect sealer for protecting art work.
  • Used as a wood finish.
  • Tough natural primer for wood.
  • Shellac can be applied by a brush, sponge or pad.
  • Non-toxic as is.
  • Shellac is only usable for indoor.

The light transparent layer is particularly resistant to scratches and gives a final protection to the product. Shellak is a resinous substance that is secreted by an insect – the enamel shield louse. It accumulates on the branches of trees. Found mainly in south and south east Asia, particularly in India and Thailand, shellac was manufactured formerly in large quantities. The annual output amounted to about 50,000 tons. In order to harvest a kilogram of shellac, one needs about 300,000 enamel shield lice. For the gilder, shellak is mainly used as a protective coating. The use of shellac is restricted to the painting technique.