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Noris Hautleim Hide Glue in Barley

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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  • Noris Haulteim hide glue
  • In barley
  • Made in Germany


Noris Hautleim hide glue, used to create a strong bond. Great for artists of all kind.

1. Add 100-150g of hide glue to 1 litre of water and soak overnight.
2. The following day put in a double boiler and heat slowly until all the particles are dissolved.
3. Do not over heat, about 50 degree is the best temperature.
4. Once all the air bubbles have disappeared, leave the mixture to cool down and then it is ready to be used.
5. After use, put the remaining mixture in a refrigerator to last longe.
6. It is not recommended to use the mixture after 7 days.

The above mixing ratio is for gilding. For different applications you will need a different ratio.