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Kölner Instacoll Size: High Gloss Finish With Genuine Gold Leaf, Suitable For Gilding On Metal, Wood, Stone & Plastic

Kölner Instacoll System is available in different variations and allows excellent gilding with real gold leaf. Range of application: exterior and interior gilding. Great gilding adhesive for all real gold leafs, silver leaf, palladium leaf and white gold.

The drying and open time of Instacoll adhesive depend on the kind of material, the ambient air temperature and the air humidity. Normally the size (adhesive) will become sticky within 30-45 minutes. Once the size is sticky you have an hour to gild without using the Activator.

How to gild with the Instacoll Size:

  1. Instacoll is a gilding size (adhesive) for all types of metal leafs. Be it indoor and outdoor gilding. The size is applied with a synthetic brush. After the size (base layer) has dried—which can last up to 1 hour—it is possible to gild for 1 hour without using the Activator. For a longer-lasting or later gilding if you are gilding a large object, the surface can be reactivated with the Instacoll Activator.

    Instacoll colour variation

    You can use any colour regardless of what you are gilding; however, the variation in colour provides a smaller finish effect:

    • Instacoll Grey is specially developed for the processing of silver and palladium leaves.
    • Instacoll Yellow size works with gold leafs to give that bright and shiny finish
    • Instacoll Clear size has no effects on the finish.
    • Instacoll Red is for achieving warm antique gilded work when gilding with gold and silver leaf.

    Preparing the surface

    1-  The surface must be dry, free from dust and grease. Surfaces must be machined in such a way that they are also weather-resistant without gilding.

    • Gilding Wood: For untreated wood, a suitable wood primer must be used first.
    • Gilding stone or plaster: apply one coat of a diluted mix of 9 parts Instacoll Base to 1 part water. Allow about 40 minutes to dry, now apply a normal coat of Instacoll Base Size.
    • Gilding Metal: This is a delicate gilding job. Before applying Instacoll, the surface must be well prepared to protect the metal leaf and to avoid corrosion. Use a suitable metal primer and apply two coats. If your metal is in outdoor, it is best to apply two coats of suitable high-gloss paint. Never apply Instacoll Base on powder coating use always a primer.
    • Gilding glass: You can use Instacoll Base Size on glass, but this can only be done for interior.

    2-  Apply Instacoll size one or two layers to cover the surface well.
    3-  Let Instacoll dry completely (1h) if you are using Transfer Gold Leaf which is best when gilding without the gesso application, however, if you are using Loose Gold Leaf then you need to apply the gold leaf while the Instacoll is still wet.
    4-  Apply the Activator with a Gilder’s Brush For Size Application and let it dry (5-10 min).
    5-  Firmly press down the gold leaves and rub with cotton over the transfer paper or use Gilder’s Soft Wool Brush For Transfer Leaf Application to press down the gold leaf.
    6-  Peel off the transfer paper, gently press down the gold leaf with the Instacoll Tissue once more and brush off the redundant gold. Burnish the gold with the Instacoll Tissue carefully.
    7-  Gilding time is unlimited, so if you are gilding a large project, you can re-use the Activator to reactivate the Instacoll adhesive and carryon gilding, even months later.
    8-  The gilded product can immediately be exposed to not too extreme weather conditions.

Kölner Instacoll Size: High Gloss Finish With Genuine Gold Leaf, Suitable For Gilding On Metal, Wood, Stone & Plastic

gilding with instacoll and activator

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