Water Gilding Course For Beginners at Gold Leaf NZ

A water gilding workshop that will teach you how to gild to a high standard in just five hours workshop. Learn the water gilding technique that was used by the ancient Egyptians most commonly used to decorate picture frames, valuable objects and furniture.

Gilding highlights of the workshop:

  • Introduction to gilding tools.
  • Introduction to genuine gold, silver, and copper leafs.
  • Introduction to composition (imitation) leafs such as gold, silver, copper, variegated and coloured.
  • Gesso: traditionally making the gesso from rabbit skin glue/whiting, and applying in layers.
  • Bole/gilders clay: red, yellow & black and the effect of its colour on the finished gilded surface.
  • Water size: Making with rabbit skin glue.
  • How to gild with genuine gold leaf.
  • How to gild with imitation gold leaf.
  • Burnishing and finishing the gilded surface.
  • Protecting the gold leaf

In order for you to learn about which gilding method is best for a particular object, it is recommended that you also take the Modern Gilding Workshop.

This gilding workshop is an intensive hands-on, and therefore, we only have a maximum of 3 students in the workshop.

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