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Instacoll Tissue, Very Smooth Cloth for pressing & Polishing Both Metal & Genuine Leafs

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

In stock

  • Tissue size 17x12cm
  • Extra soft tissue
  • For both genuine & imitation leafs


In stock

Instacoll tissue is extra smooth and fluffiness cloth for pressing the transfer leaf, and polishing both genuine and imitation leafs after you finished gilding. Polishing the gilded surface with this Instacoll tissue not only will remove floating flakes and provides a solid, shiny finish but also highlights spots that you missed or not gilded probably.

This is a must-have tissue for all gilders where the use of the Agate Stone Burnisher is not permissible.

The Instacoll Tissue is very handy for sign-writers, you will need this tissue to polish the gilded surface especially on glass.