Noris Silver Aluminium Leaf Booklet of 25 Leafs, Patent, Leaf size 14x14cm

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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  • Pure Aluminium (silver) leaf booklet
  • Silver leaf size: 14x14cm
  • Patent silver leaf
  • Coverage: 51 leafs /square meter
  • Made in Germany by Noris


In Stock

Noris Silver (aluminium) leaf booklet (Patent) for the professional gilders. Perfect for gilding furniture, walls, ceiling and decorative objects. Applicable on all kinds of materials such as wood, metal, gib-board, stone, glass, ceramic, concrete, paper, plastic, fabric etc.

Patent (Transfer) leaf
The individual silver leafs are pressed onto a tissue paper.  It may be more easily handled. It is also possible to cut the patent leaves into desired shapes/forms with scissors. The leaves are placed onto the prepared surface, and carefully rubbed with Instacoll Tissue or Wool Brush. The tissue paper may then be removed as the silver leaf will adhere to the surface / object.

Leaf size: 14x14cm
Composition: 100% Aluminium.

x51 leafs per 1sqm exclude waste and overlap.

– When using imitation metal leaf, it is best to use Gilder’s Gloves to avoid leaving finger prints on the metal leafs, as these finger prints will show up later on after you finish.