Which gilding size is best for a particular surface

There are three questions that you need to pay attention to when selecting the gilding size: first, what type of surface I am going to gild on? two, is it going to be indoor or outdoor? and three, what finish do I want to achieve?

For all-in-one gilding size you can use Install Gloss Size which is for both indoor and out door, for all surfaces and for all types of metal leafs. Matt is for all indoor gildings.

For speciality gilding choose one of the following gilding systems:

For all observing surfaces, such as wood, plaster, stone, paper and so on you can use any gilding size that is on our website.

Plaster gilding

The Kölner Relief plaster is a repair compound used for picture frames, or for relief from wood or plaster. The special thing is that the dried Relief plaster can be poliment gilded directly on small repair areas, without applying KGGG fond.

Stone gilding

Kölner Rapid is specifically developed for stone mason requirements. The adhesive is applied undiluted in two layers with a brush. After approximately 15 minutes of drying (depending on the thickness of the Rapid layer, temperature, and relative humidity), you can either apply a second layer of Rapid or you can start gilding. Beware that the Rapid layer must be completely dry before gilding. After that, you have three days open time to make a high-quality gilding with genuine gold leaf.

Paper, leather & flexible surface gilding

Kölner Miniatum Size for high gloss gilding on paper, vellum, leather and flexible surfaces. Kölner Miniatum products are developed for the gilding of paintings and writings (calligraphy).

It is easy to use. Apply, let it dry and metallize it with transfer gold within the next 24 hours. Best choice for calligraphers and sign writers.

Wood gilding with real gold leaf

The Kölner KGGG System Fond is a water-based, one-layer gilders clay, which replaces the Gesso and bole/poliment layers of the traditional water gilding. The Fond can be applied directly in the correct colour without warming the product. KGGG Fond consists of three components: Component 1 is impregnation agent (Sealer P, Sealer 123A), Component 2 is burnishing clay (Fond) and Component 3 is a ready-made size for water gilding Colnasol Concentrate).

The components are water dilutable and applied without warming. Thereby you safe time and get a good adhesive between the different layers.

Gilding with imitation metal leafs

Permanent contact adhesive on acryl base. It is usable for interior applications only. It has more adhesive strength than Instacoll and is therefore particularly well suited for gilding with imitation gold, copper, & silver.  This high-quality adhesive ensures a special shine for all metal leaves. A poliment gilding effect can also be easily imitated with the red Permacoll.

Permacoll Size is recommended as an adhesive for metal leaf on all types of non-porous surfaces, smooth or textured.

Porous surfaces such as plaster, stucco, wood and wood composites should first be impregnated with Kolner Sealer 123A or Kolner sealer P thinned 1: 0,5 with water. After the sealant is dry apply Permacoll – Size, un-thinned, with a soft brush. A poliment gilding effect can also be easily imitated with the red Permacoll.

Restoration work

Kölner Classic products enable reliable historical gilding in the present day. They are not a new invention–they have been developed on a historical basis. Kolner classic is fully ensures professional gilding and associated restoration work again.