gilding wooden box at Gold Leaf NZ

Gold Leaf Classes For Beginners and Advanced Gilders, at Gold Leaf NZ

Learn how to gild on wood, metal, glass and stone. At Gold Leaf NZ, we offer gold leaf classes (workshops) for beginners. No previous experience is required. All the workshops are environmentally friendly, and the material used in these workshops is water-based and non-toxic.

We offer 5 gilding classes:

Informative Gilding Workshop, All You Need To Know About Gilding

Modern Gilding Workshop Using Instacoll Size & Kölner Miniatum, Learn How To Gild For Beginners

High Gloss Modern Water Gilding Workshop Using KGGG System Fond, Learn How To Gild For Beginners

Water Gilding Workshop For Beginners: Using Gesso, Rabbit Skin Glue & Gilders Clay, Learn How To Gild

Edible Gold Leaf Workshop For Restaurants, Cafes and Sweets Caterers