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Lefranc Mixtion, Oil Based Gold Size, French Mixture, 3HR


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  • Lefranc Mixtion Gold Size
  • Adhesive for Oil Gilding Technique
  • 3HR, 75ml
  • Interior and exterior gilding oil technique
  • Made in France


Original Mixtion Lefranc – The oily adhesive, named as Mixtion (french for mixture). Useable only in the Oil Gilding Technique. There are two types of Mixtion, 3 hours Mixtion. The times refer to the respective drying times, but they can only be considered as approximate guidelines characteristics. Thickness of the mixtion coating and alternating temperatures can shorten or lengthen the drying time.

Prerequisite for a successful gold plating is a non-absorbent surface and thinly applied well dried Mixtion. Useable for the interior and exterior in the oil technique.