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Miniatum Ink Gilders Size For Gilding on Paper, Leather, Vellum, 24h, Yellow, 50ml

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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  • For paper, leather, fabric
  • Genuine gold leaf
  • Size 50ml
  • Colour Yellow
  • Made in Germany


Sold Out

Kolner Miniatum Ink has been designed as an addition to Kolner Miniatum. Synthetic size in ink form, for leaf gold and leaf silver; for shiny but non-polishable metallization.

The processing is carried out with the use of various drawing supplements. Scriptures and drawings can be made with raised gilding of the finest lines in gold or silver leaf. In combination with Miniatum, all calligraphic leaf gildings are possible.

The metallizations permanently adhere to the elastic film. You do not have to be afraid of crack or flake forming, even when you move a page of the book. On materials other than paper, the product should be tested. Because of the danger of ‘dulling’ of previously high gloss metallizations, plastics can’t contain plasticizer.

Application description:
Miniatum Ink is used undiluted at a room temperature between 15 and 22 °C, with writing and drawing feathers, an ink pen, and a fountain pen or a drawing pen. The Art Pen by Rotring has been proven to be especially handy, not only since you can easily change the nib, but also because regulation of the amount of ink is possible with the ink converter.

The converter is easy to clean as well, since you can disassemble it into individual components. Miniatum Ink can easily be kept in a closed fountain pen for several days. If there is still gluing that disrupts the writing with the fountain pen, cleaning the feather with water suffices.

After emptying the writing tools, please rinse thoroughly with water and keep it filled with water until next usage. All other writing tools should be cleaned with water immediately after usage and dried afterwards.

In general, a single ink application is sufficient. With strongly absorbent papers, a second or third application of ink might be necessary. Wide areas are best applied with Miniatum.

For application of the transfer gold (same application as for Miniatum), the ink must dry thoroughly. The average application has dried after about half an hour. The open time of gilding (gold or silver leaf, not composition leaf) is till 3 hours after the application has dried.

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Choosing a gilding size

The Instacoll Gilding Size gloss (the mat is for indoor only) is for porous and non-porous surfaces, interior & exterior when gilding with genuine gold leaf.

1. Gilding size for imitation gold, silver, copper, variegated on wood, paper, concrete, and stone, use any of these:

For gilding on glass, plastic and metal use: Permacoll Gilding Size For All Metal Leafs And Gold Powder, indoor only.

2. Gilding size for genuine gold & silver leaf

3. Interior / Exterior gilding

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