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Gilding size (Missione) 15 mins, water-based gilding adhesive for imitation gold, silver & copper leafs


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  • Water-based gilding glue
  • Gilding size (Missione) water-based gilding
  • Gold leaf adhesive for gold leafs
  • Gilding size for indoor gilding
  • Made in Italy


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Water-based gilding size is for all indoor gilding with imitation gold leafs, silver, copper etc. The water-based mission is an adhesive based on acetate-vinyl co-polymers in aqueous dispersion, for sheet metal bonding. The water missione is indicated for the decoration of surfaces and supports placed inside, made of medium porosity materials such as wood, plaster, stucco, paper, etc.

  1. Amazing 15 minutes drying time. You can start applying the gold leaf after 15 minutes only.
  2. No gilder’s clay needed before applying this gilding size.
  3. Apply a coat of shellac on the gesso before the application of the gold size, the shellac is to isolate the gesso from the size.
  4. After the shellac has dried —which takes few minutes only— apply a generously coat of this gilding size.
  5. Size gilding can not be burnished at all.

Note: The original bottles are 1L, but the 50ml and 200ml are packed by us for home users who are doing small project.

We have the same gilding adhesive made by Kolner here 

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