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Gilding with Instacoll using the Activator, Part 3

Instacoll Grey is specially developed for the processing of silver and palladium leaves. Instacoll Yellow size works with gold leafs to give that bright and shiny finish Instacoll Clear size

Gilding with Instacoll using the Activator, Part 2

Instacoll Activator for the 1h Instacoll Base, indoor & outdoor. Use this gilding adhesive’s activator to reactivate the dried surface. The activation is dry after a few minutes. Thereafter, the

Gilding with Instacoll using the Activator, Part 1

Kölner Instacoll System is available in different variations and allows excellent gilding with real gold leaf. Range of application: exterior gilding and interior gilding. Usable golden kinds: all real kinds

Gold Calligraphy Pen for Genuine Gold Leaf on Paper

Create stunning golden writing with this adhesive pen for creating an artistic work with genuine gold leaf. It already has a gilding size, so simply shake well before you use

How to gild with Miniatum gilding size for paper and fabric (video)

Kölner Miniatum Size for high gloss for gilding on paper, vellum, leather and flexible surfaces. Kölner Miniatum products are developed for the gilding of paintings and writings (calligraphy). Miniatum is

How to gild with Instacoll gilding size (video)

Instacoll is a gilding size (adhesive) for all genuine gold leaf. Be it indoor and outdoor gilding. The size is applied with a synthetic brush. After the size (base layer)

Sell Your Products, Gilded Art & Craft On Gold Leaf NZ

Need new customers to generate new revenue? We have a great opportunity for you to sell what you make as long as you use genuine or imitation leafs. Whether you

How to stick your custom vinyl lettering

Installing your vinyl lettering is very straight forward job. Watch this short video to learn how to apply your vinyl lettering sticker. All you need is a scissor, mask tape

Gold Leaf Classes For Beginners and Advanced Gilders, at Gold Leaf NZ

Learn how to gild on wood, metal, glass and stone. At Gold Leaf NZ, we offer gold leaf classes (workshops) for beginners. No previous experience is required. All the workshops are

Kölner Ceramic Size: Gild on Ceramic, China and Porcelain Using Genuine gold Leaf

Gold leaf can be used on any surface, including ceramic tile, as long as the surface is properly prepared with the Kölner Ceramic gilding size KT5. With this product, minor

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