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Water Gilding Course

Due to demand by our customers, I am now setting up a five hours workshop to teach Gilding. This water gilding course is designed to teach you the traditional water

Choosing The Right Gilding Adhesive or Gilding Size

Whatever you want to gild, we have it for you. Bellow is our full range of gilding systems for gilding anything on anything: Instacoll System Instacoll gilding is for interior

How to gild with Kölner Permacoll Size

Kölner Permacoll Size is a permanent contact adhesive gilding size for metal leaf. Permacoll – Size offers far more flexibility than oil sizes with their long drying times and short

How to gild with Kölner KGGG System Fond

Kölner KGGG system Fond is what you need to create a high quality and super shiny gold finish using Genuine Gold Leaf. The Fond system consists of three components: Kölner KGGG

Where to buy gold leaf?

Gold Leaf NZ: Gold leafs are many different types and for many different uses: Genuine gold leaf, Genuine Silver Leaf, Imitation Gold Leaf, Imitation Silver Leaf, Imitation Copper Leaf, Edible

Gilding service

Be it at your place or at our place, at Gold Leaf NZ we offer gilding service, be it a piece of furniture, a picture frame or an object, what

High performance interior and exterior gilding with the Kölner Instacoll Gilding System

The Instacoll system is a way of high performance gilding. The system is fully tested and meets the requirements of long-lasting exterior gilding. Since 1990, the Instacoll system has been

Instacoll System Base and Activator

Instacoll is a size for the attainment of a high gloss (and matt too) weather-resistant exterior and interior gilding. It can be used on nearly all substrates that have been

How to gild with gold leaf

1. Preparation Gently, sand the surface if necessary with 220 grit sandpaper for a smooth finish. 2. Prime the surface Insure that the surface is sufficiently primed with a water-based

Which gilding size is best for a particular surface

There are three questions that you need to pay attention to when selecting the right gilding size: first, what type of material I am going to gild on? two, is it