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Sell Your Products, Gilded Art & Craft On Gold Leaf NZ

Need new customers to generate new revenue? We have a great opportunity for you to sell what you make as long as you use genuine or imitation leafs. Whether you

How to stick your custom vinyl lettering

Installing your vinyl lettering is very straight forward job. Watch this short video to learn how to apply your vinyl lettering sticker. All you need is a scissor, mask tape

Gold Leaf Classes For Beginners and Advanced Gilders, at Gold Leaf NZ

Learn how to gild on wood, metal, glass and stone. At Gold Leaf NZ, we offer gold leaf classes (workshops) for beginners. No previous experience is required. All the workshops are

Kölner Ceramic Size: Gild on Ceramic, China and Porcelain Using Genuine gold Leaf

Gold leaf can be used on any surface, including ceramic tile, as long as the surface is properly prepared with the Kölner Ceramic gilding size KT5. With this product, minor

Kölner Instacoll Size: High Gloss Finish With Genuine Gold Leaf, Suitable For Gilding On Metal, Wood, Stone & Plastic

Kölner Instacoll System is available in different variations and allows excellent gilding with real gold leaf. Range of application: exterior and interior gilding. Great gilding adhesive for all real gold

Kölner Aqua Size For Gilding With Imitation Gold Leaf On Wood, Paper & Plaster

Kölner Aqua size (Application milk) is a water-based gilding adhesive for indoor only. The Kolner Aqua Size is only suitable for metal leafs that are thicker than the genuine gold

Oxide Powder for Concrete Coloring Over 15 Colours, Blending & Mixing Ratio

Oxide powder (pigment) is used as dye or colourant in various applications, including ceramic, paint, concrete, coating, ink, leather, plastic and rubber. This dry pigment powder with an iron oxide

What Types of Gold Leafs Are There, and Where to Buy Gold Leaf?

There are two different types of gold leafs, one is genuine gold leafs which comes in transfer and loose leafs. Transfer Gold Leaf: The individual gold leaf are pressed onto a tissue

Polyurethane Ornaments, Wall panel & Cornice Carving Veneer Accessories For Interior Design Gilded with 24K Gold Leaf

Polyurethane (PU) decorative products roman pillars, cornice, veneer accessories and wall panels compared with the traditional materials, like plaster, wood, and concrete is the best choice for building decoration: Super

Keum-boo or Kum-bu: the application of 24k gold leaf on silver

Kum-Boo (also spelled keum-boo or kum-bu) is a Korean decorative appliqué technique in which pure gold foil is fused onto the surface of finished silver objects; similar techniques are also

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