cosmetic gold leaf application

How to use cosmetic gold leaf on your skin

Cosmetics gold leaf, 24k gold for better skin. Get a bright and glowing skin like celebrities. The process is not only easy and fun but also luxurious and pleasing to go through. 

  1. Clean your face well with water.
  2. Apply serum or your favourite skincare to your face evenly.
  3. Gently place the gold leafs on your face, which you will then treat with a serum that allows the gold to blend into your skin. 
  4. Cut the gold leaf for ease of use if they are large (it is best to buy small size leafs for face treatment) don not touch the gold leaf with your fingers, use a gilder’s tip to pick up the gold leaf.
  5. After about 10 minutes, apply the serum, wait for another 10 minutes and start massage and gently pressing the gold leaf into your skin.
  6. Wait for about 20 minutes and then clean your face with clean water.
  7. You now feel fresh with a luxurious look on your face.

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