Silver leaf, hand-grasp for gilding wall & ceiling, Leaf size 14x13cm


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  • Imitation Silver Leaf (x10)
  • Leaf size 14×13 cm
  • Made in China


In Stock

Silver leaf, hand-grasp for walls & ceiling. Can be used on wood, plastic, resin trim, glass, handicrafts, metal, interior sculpture and any decoration projects.

– A pack of 10 sheets.
– Leaf size 14x13cm.
– Loose leaf, placed between two papers.
– High quality, and beautiful semi-mirror silver looks.
– Made for gilding walls and ceiling, where the silver leaf is thick enough to be lifted up vertically without getting wrinkled or damaged.

  • Recommended gilding size for these leafs is Kolner Aqua Size, and you can also use any gilding size you have.
  • When using imitation metal leaf, it is best to use Gilder’s Gloves to avoid leaving moisture from your fingers on the metal leafs.
  • Imitation gold leafs must be protected with varnish to avoid oxidization; use Kolner Leaf Protect.
  • To brush off the excess leafs and end up with a nice solid finish, use the Gilder’s Mop.