24K Genuine Gold flakes, 50mg, Edible & Cosmetics Standard, Size 2

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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  • 24k Edible gold flakes
  • Content 50mg
  • Edible & cosmetics standard
  • Made in Germany


In Stock

24k Edible gold flakes (flakes size 2). A luxury gift that you will earn the heart of those who you give to. Totally safe to eat. It can be used on any type of food.

– Genuine 23k gold flakes
– One serve per a drink of any type.
– Impress your love one by adding 24k gold flakes to the food or drinks that you serve them.
– These small jars are best choice for home diners.

How to use:
– Chill a glass in a fridge and add the gold flakes in the glass then pour your drink and watch the gold flakes spinning luxuriously inside your glass.
– Also suitable for decorating cakes and dishes of all kinds. it is ideal for embellishing and lighting your table on any occasion, from the morning flat white to the special event dish, by sprinkling some of these gold flakes on top.
– Always avoid touching gold flakes with your fingers.
– Avoid breathing over the flakes as this will cause the flakes to fly away.
– Always keep the flakes in a dry place, between 10c and 30c.
– Use the supplied edible gold or silver flakes within 3 years from date of purchase.

All our gold flaks and leaf contain no chemicals, no vegetal extracts, no anti-oxidants, no bio additives, no preservatives, and no chelating agents.

Edible gold flakes are made from 24k genuine gold leafs that are certified by the EU and US as edible and safe. Bestseller is size 2. Honey, Chocolates and Cake manufacturers buy these flakes to add a luxury touch to their products. Flake sizes: 1 is almost powder, 2 about 2mm, 3 about 7mm, and 4 is about 10mm. Size 0 is the largest about 2-5cm, irregular shapes.