Antique Silver Leaf, Edible-Removable, Size 9x8cm, 10 Leafs, Used In Cosmetic & Crafts DIY


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  • Antique Silver leaf
  • A pack of 10 leafs
  • Removable-edible
  • Leaf size 9x8cm
  • Made in China


Out of stock


Antique Silver leafs are great for removable cake decorations. These Antique Silver leafs will turn your cake into a shiny metallic finish at a small cost compared to the genuine edible silver leaf.

Removable edible leafs are not to be consumed. These leafs are non-toxic and will not harm you if you swallowed a small piece accidentally.

  • Leaf size: 9x8cm.
  • A pack of 10 leafs.
  • Suitable for all food decorations, including cakes, pastries, muffins, chocolates, sushi, etc.
  • None-toxic but not recommended for human consumption.
  • The leafs are placed loosely in a pack with one paper between every two leafs, so you can use one sheet at a time.

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