Taiwan Decorative Imitation Gold Leaf, Leaf size 14x13cm


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  • A pack of 10 sheets
  • Multi-purpose craft foil
  • Taiwan gold leaf
  • Leaf size 14X13cm
  • Made in Taiwan


Taiwan decorative gold foil, for all DIY, beauty salons, glass & ceramic artists. Great for gilding furniture, walls, ceiling and decorative objects. Turn home items into a metallic antique look. Suitable for wood gilding, metal, gib-board, stone, glass, ceramic, concrete, paper, and plastic.

  • Recommended gilding size for these leafs is Kolner Aqua Size, and you can also use any gilding size you have.
  • Each leaf in its own paper sleeve
  • Loose leaf
  • Leaf size: 14x13cm

When using imitation metal leaf, it is best to use Gilder’s Gloves to avoid leaving moisture from your fingers on the metal leafs.
Imitation gold leafs must be protected with varnish to avoid oxidization; use Kolner Leaf Protect.

To brush off the excess leafs and end up with a nice solid finish, use the Gilder’s Mop.