Light Gold Leaf With Lining Paper, 10 Sheets, Leaf size 14x13cm


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  • Light Gold Leaf
  • A pack of 10 sheets
  • Multi-purpose craft foil
  • Leaf size 14X13cm
  • Made in China


Sold Out

Light gold leaf with lining paper for arts and crafts. Can be used on wood, plastic, resin trim, glass, handicrafts, metal, interior sculpture and any decoration projects. Each Leaf is placed inside a sleeve so you can use one leaf at the time.

– Gold leaf size 14x13cm.
– Loose leaf, placed between two papers.
– High quality, and beautiful light gold colour.
– Very thin leaf and easy to crack, therefore, its best choice if want to show cracked lines in the finished gilded surface.

– When using imitation metal leaf, it is best to use Gilder’s Gloves to avoid leaving finger prints on the metal leafs, as these finger prints will show up later on after you apply the sealer.