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Kölner Permacoll Size, Poliment Red, 500ml

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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Interior use only
Colour: Red
500 ml
Made in Germany


In stock

Permanent contact adhesive size for metal leaf Permacoll – Size offers far more flexibility than oil sizes with their long drying times and short working times. Permacoll – Size dries within 15 to 30 minutes, depending upon thickness and remaining pourosity of surface. Metal leaf can be applied hours or even days later. This product is designed for the attainment of decorative metallic surfaces that are not exposed to the weather or excessive wear. It is not burnishable. Permacoll – Size is recommended as an adhesive for metal leaf on all types of non-porous surfaces, smooth or textured. Uses include the preparation of frames, the decoration of sets for theater, film, and window displays as well as architectural ornaments.

  • Adhesive on acryl base
  • For interior applications only
  • A poliment gilding effect can also be easily imitated with the red Permacoll.