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Kölner Relief Kit A Repair Compound For Picture Frames, 400g


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  • Repair compound for picture frames
  • A plaster for indoor use only
  • Net weight 400g
  • Made in Germany


3 in stock

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The Kölner Relief plaster is a repair compound used for picture frames, or for relief from wood or plaster. The special thing is that the dried Relief plaster can be poliment gilded directly on small repair areas, without applying KGGG fond.

How to use:

1- Mix the content before you open the container. Porous surfaces must first be sealed with weak kolner sealer 123a.

2- Gradually add small amount of water to the powder. The optimal ratio for great consistency is 30ml of water per 100g of powder.

3- Mix thoroughly until the desired putty consistency is obtained. Eliminate air bubbles as much as you can.

4- Apply the mix to the surface and model with tools, for easier modelling, moisten the mix and tools with water.

5- If you need a longer working time, use rabbit skin glue diluted with water (1RSG to 10 parts of water).

6- The drying time depends on the temperature, humidity and thickness of the object, to speed up the drying time, you can use a heat gun on a slow setting.

7- Sand well after surface has dried completely, the dry, semi-gloss surface is ready to be gilded.

8- To gild, you can use either Rubbit Skin Glue or Instacoll gilding size for large gilding area, it is recommended to use KGGG System Fond.



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