Gilding With Genuine Gold Leaf Workshop Using Instacoll Size & Kölner Miniatum, Learn How To Gild For Beginners

  • Gilding workshop using Instacoll Size
  • Introduction to gilding tools
  • Learn how to gild on anything
  • All you need to know about gilding




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Kölner Instacoll gilding size allows excellent gilding with all real kinds of gold leaf, silver leaf, palladium leaf and white gold. It is suitable for both exterior and interior gilding.

With Instacoll gilding product, you spend less time and effort gilding almost anything. Mirror gloss finish without the need for agate burnishing tool. Gild on anything, wood, metal, glass, ceramic, paper and fabric. This gilding tutorial is all what you need to gild on anything.

Instacoll Gilding Workshop Outline:

This gilding workshop is for beginners, it is based on Kolner gilding products. You can also take the Water Gilding Workshop, which will allow you to decide on what method of gilding is best for a particular project.

  • Introduction to gilding tools.
  • Introduction to genuine gold and silver leaf.
  • Introduction to composition (imitation) leafs such as gold, silver, copper, variegated and coloured.
  • How to gild with genuine gold leaf.
  • How to achieve a metallic gold finish without using an Agate Stone Burnisher.

Gilding on wood:

  • You will learn how to prepare your wood to receive the gold leaf size, when to apply the size and how to apply the gold leaf.
  • You will learn how to gild on wood using the patent leaf (Transfer).

Gilding on paper:

  • How to gild on paper using Kolner Miniatum to hand-gild calligraphy. Should you want to gild specific patterns and designs to create a luxury invitation with 24k gold leaf.

Gilding on Fabric/canvas:

How to gild on fabric or on canvas, this is an excellent form of arts. It will an able you to add a touch of 24k gold to a wedding dress or to your canvas work that will increase its value drastically.

Need to know:

  • The workshop is about 3 hours.
  • No previous gilding experience is required.
  • No refund and no reschedule.
  • Onsite and off-street parking available.
  • Free coffee and tea available.
  • All the tools and materials covered in the workshop will be provided for you to use (not to keep) during the workshop.


— We are based in Clutha District, and therefore, the workshop will be held at a venue in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and Dunedin.

Instant Gilder:

  • By the end of this modern gilding workshop, you will be able to gild on your own.
  • So give it a go, it could be one of the very best things you ever tried! Good luck!!


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