Modern Gilding Workshop Using Instacoll Size & Kölner Miniatum

  • Introduction to gilding tools.
  • High Gloss gilding with Instacoll Size
  • All you need to know about gilding.





With Kolner gilding product, you spend less time and effort gilding almost anything. Mirror gloss finish without the need for agate burnishing tool. Gild on anything, wood, metal, glass, ceramic, paper and fabric.

Instacoll Gilding Workshop Outline:

This gilding workshop is for beginners, it is based on Kolner gilding systems. You can also take the Water Gilding Workshop, which will allow you to decide on what method of gilding is best for a particular project.

  • Introduction to gilding tools.
  • Introduction to genuine gold and silver leaf.
  • Introduction to composition (imitation) leafs such as gold, silver, copper, variegated and coloured.
  • How to gild with genuine gold leaf.
  • How to use the gilder’s cushion to cut the gold leaf with the gilder’s knife, and how to pick up the gold leaf with the gilder’s tip.
  • You will also learn how to protect the gold leaf with a varnish without losing the metallic gold finish;
  • How to achieve an ageing finish of a gilded surface using the Kolner Patina.
  • Introduction to the different types of gilding size available and what types of gold leaf size are best for a particular gilding job;
  • How to achieve a metallic gold finish without using an Agate Stone Burnisher.

Gilding on wood:

  • You will learn how to prepare your wood to receive the gold leaf size, when to apply the size and how to apply the gold leaf.
  • You will learn how to gild on wood using the patent leaf (Transfer).

Gilding on paper:

  • How to gild on paper using Kolner Miniatum to hand-gild calligraphy. Should you want to gild specific patterns and designs to create a luxury invitation with 24k gold leaf.

Gilding on Fabric/canvas:

How to gild on fabric or on canvas, this is an excellent form of arts. It will an able you to add a touch of 24k gold to a wedding dress or to your canvas work that will increase its value drastically.

Need to know:

  • The course duration is 4 hours.
  • No previous gilding experience is required.
  • All the tools and materials covered in the workshop will be provided for you to use during the workshop.
  • No refund and no reschedule.
  • Onsite and off-street parking available.
  • Free coffee, tea, and light snacks available.


— The workshop will be held at Gold Leaf NZ in Hamilton. The address will be emailed to you.
— No bystanders, everyone comes must have paid the fee.
— You can also request from us to come to you, and teach you at your home/work. This is by a prior arrangement and incurs an extra fee and travel expenses.

When / Time:

  • The workshop starts at 11am SHARP ends at 3pm.
  • Because gilding is a very delicate process and requires constant attention to details, the maximum number of students in a workshop is three.

Other dates are also available upon request. Please contact us.

Instant Gilder:

  • By the end of this modern gilding workshop, you will be able to gild on your own.
  • So give it a go, it could be one of the very best things you ever tried! Good luck!!

The tools we use in this workshop:


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For those who are taking the online workshops and residing outside NZ:

  • I am using NZ local time. Therefore, you need to match it up with your local time in order not to miss the workshop.
  • The maximum number of participants in each workshop is three for all workshops.
  • You will need to have a piece of wood, a picture frame, or similar to gild during the workshop.
  • You do not have to gild with me during the workshop. However, it is recommended that you have the tools and products handy at the time you are watching the course so that you follow along with me.

For those how are living in NZ:

  • You can take the online workshop or come in person to our workshop.
  • The workshop will be held at Gold Leaf NZ in Hamilton.
  • All the tools and materials covered in the workshop will be provided for you to use during the workshop.

Not happy with our dates and times? Please email me with the date and time that works for you.