Informative Gilding Workshop, All You Need To Know About Gilding


Whether you are a new to gilding or have some experience in gilding, this workshop is for you. You will learn all about gilding methods, and the difference between all the gilding sizes that are available for a particular surfaces.

Gilding course outline:

  • Introduction to gilding tools.
  • Introduction to composition (imitation) leafs such as gold, silver, copper, variegated and coloured.
  • Introduction to genuine leafs such as gold, silver, and copper.
  • Tips and info: What is the best gilding size to use on a particular surface.
  • The difference between the genuine gold leaf and the imitation.
  • Introduction to Kolner gilding systems: Permacol, Instacoll, Miniatum, KGGG System, Classic Poliment, Stone Manson, Ceramic Size, and Gilding Size in powder.
  • When to use the imitation and when to use the genuine.
  • How to protect both genuine and the imitation gold leafs.
  • Metallic gold paint, when to use and why.
  • Introduction to gold powder, pearl, and metal gold powder.
  • Introduction to gold foil in rolls for large projects.
  • No practical gilding in this workshop. This is an informative gilding workshop only.

Need to know:

  • The workshop is 1 hour.
  • No previous gilding experience is required.
  • No refund and no reschedule.
  • Onsite and off-street parking available.
  • Free coffee and tea available.


— The workshop will be held at Gold Leaf NZ in Hamilton. The address will be emailed to you.
— No bystanders, everyone comes must have paid the fee.

Other dates are also available upon request. Please contact us.


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