Noris variegated gold leaf – a booklet of 25 leafs, Blue, Leaf size 14x14cm

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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  • Variegated gold leaf
  • Noris Blue gold leaf
  • Size: 14x14cm
  • Made in Germany


Variegated gold leaf booklet for interior design such as walls, benches and panels in homes, restaurants, clubs and hotels. Variegated gold leafs are also a great choice for mixed media artists to decorate glassware, ceramic, pottery artists. Use as a whole sheet or cut to random shapes and sizes for book scrubbing, invites and and decorative objects.

– Leaf size: 14x14cm.
– A booklet of 25 leafs.
– Great for interior design, walls, benches and panels.
– For and all art and craft projects.
– Can be broken into flakes or small pieces.
– Unique pattern and design which makes it ideal to show off.
– Applicable on all kinds of materials such as wood, metal, gib-board, stone, glass, ceramic, concrete, paper, plastic, fabric etc.

  • Recommended gilding size for these leafs is Kolner Aqua Size, or Nazionale Mission, you can also use any gilding size you have.
  • When using imitation metal leaf, it is best to use Gilder’s Gloves to avoid leaving moisture from your fingers on the metal leafs.
  • Imitation gold leafs must be protected with varnish to avoid oxidization; use Kolner Leaf Protect.
  • To brush off the excess leafs and end up with a nice solid finish, use the Gilder’s Mop.