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Variegated Leaf Booklet 212 of 25 Sheets For Interior Gilding & DIY Artistic Projects, Metal Leaf For gilding On All Surfaces


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  • Variegated leaf booklet 212
  • For interior gilding only
  • Leaf size: 14x14cm
  • Made in Italy


In Stock

Nazionale variegated leaf booklet for interior design such as walls, benches and panels in homes, restaurants, clubs and hotels. Variegated leafs are also a great choice for mixed media artists to decorate glassware, ceramic, pottery artists. Use as a whole sheet or cut to random shapes and sizes for book scrubbing, invites and and decorative objects.

– Every leaf is unique.
– Leaf size: 14x14cm.
– Great for interior design, walls, benches and panels.
– For all art and craft projects.
– Can be broken into flakes or small pieces.
– Unique pattern and design which makes it ideal to show off.
– Applicable on all kinds of materials such as wood, metal, gib-board, stone, glass, ceramic, concrete, paper, plastic, fabric etc.
– Works with any gilding adhesive, but we recommend Nazionale Mission Gilding Size
– When using imitation metal leaf, it is best to use Gilder’s Gloves or Kolner Instacoll Tissue to avoid leaving finger prints on the metal leafs, as these finger prints will show up later on after you apply the sealer.