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Gilding Set, Kölner Imitation Copper Leaf For Small Gilding Project On Wood, Metal & Glass, Buy at Gold Leaf NZ

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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  • Copper starter set
  • 10 Imitation copper leafs
  • 1 Kolner special brush
  • 50 ml Kolner Permacoll HA clear
  • 50 ml Kolner Patina
  • 50 ml Kolner Leaf Protect (varnish)
  • Made in Germany.


In stock

Gilding starter kit from Kolner for new gilders. Transform ordinary, everyday objects and surfaces into a stunning and precious metallic finish. Easy and fast to use, allowing you to gild vases, candlesticks, frames, furniture, walls and wall papers. The perfect solution for festive decorations on any occasion.

Great for modern gilding finish or antique patina. This kit includes everything you will need to gild, as well as details instructions on how to use.


  • 10 Imitation copper leafs.
  • 1 Kolner special brush.
  • 50 ml Kolner Permacoll HA clear (adhesive/size).
  • 50 ml Kolner Patina, for achieving antique and old finish.
  • 50 ml Kolner Leaf Protect (varnish).