Water Gilding Kit-set For Wood Gilding Using Genuine Gold/Silver Leaf


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  • Gilding set (7 items)
  • Gilders Knife
  • Gilders Cushion
  • Agate Stone Burnisher Tool
  • Gilder’s Tip 50mm
  • Instacoll Tissue
  • Horse Hair Cloth
  • Golden Synthetic Brush


In stock

Gilding with gold leaf is not only pleasing to the eye but also increases the value of your object, and thus financially rewarding. Here is a list of what you need to start gilding:

  • Gilders Knife For Cutting The Gold & Silver Leafs, Double Edge, 25cm Long
  • Gilders Cushion, used to cut the gold/silver leaf onto.
  • Agate Stone Burnisher Tool #17 For Burnishing Gold & Silver Leaf
  • Gilder’s Tip 50mm For Picking Up The Gold Leaf, Pure Squirrel Hair Brush
  • Instacoll Tissue, Very Smooth Cloth For Pressing & Polishing Both Metal & Genuine Leafs
  • Horse Hair Cloth To Polish The Dry Bole Layers, Size 25x20cm
  • Kölner Broad Golden Synthetic Brush, Black Handle 15mm and 40mm