Noris Edible Silver Leaf Booklet of 25 Leafs, Patent, Leaf size 9x9cm

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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Pure Silver
25 Leafs in a booklet
Food standard
Patent leafs
Made in Germany


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Patent (Transfer) edible silver leaf. Made exclusively for the food industry. Edible silver leafs are great for decorating dark background such as chocolate, sushi, fish and other gourmet that is either light or dark colour.

– Leaf size: 95x95mm.
– Inside the booklet there are 25 silver leafs.
– It can be used whole to cover larger areas or cut into smaller pieces.
– These are Patent genuine silver leafs in a booklet.
– Edible silver leafs are great together with gold leafs as they provide contrast and luxury environment in one dish.

How to use:
– The individual silver leaf is pressed onto a tissue paper. The tissue paper is larger than the silver leaf, thus it may be more easily handled. It is also possible to cut the patent silver leafs into desired shapes with scissor. The leafs are placed onto the surface and carefully rubbed with a wool soft brush (included). The tissue paper may then be removed as the silver leaf will adhere to the surface.

– The patent edible silver leafs are best choice for those for a precise placement of the silver leafs, hence you can hold it by the tissue paper.
– Always avoid touching silver leafs with your fingers.
– Always keep the leafs in a dry place.
– Use the supplied edible silver leafs within 3 years from date of purchase.
– Ingredient: 99% pure gold and 1% silver. This is the ideal ration for edible silver leaf application.

Both the United States and the European Union authorise the gold and silver leaf as an edible metal under the code E175. The leafs are so thin that will disintegrate in your mouth instantly.

In addition to the silver leaf packaging, we also use thick cardboard to protect your order and to ensure your order arrive in good condition.

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