Rottenstone (Tripoli) Very Fine Abrasive for French Polishing, 250g


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  • Rottenstone fine abrasive for polishing
  • Can be use dry or wet
  • Fine grey powder
  • Net weight: 250g


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Rottenstone is also known as tripoli, a very fine abrasive for polishing to producing an old dusty look on picture frames and modern furniture.

Rottenstone is often used for polishing metals and distressing water gilded surfaces to reveal the bole (gilder’s clay).

How to use Rottenstone to polish wood, metal and gilded frames:

  1. Dip a Steel Wool Pad or a Microfiber Cloth in a light oil such as linseed oil and then into the Rottenstone.
  2. With some pressure, rub along the grain until the desired level of sheen is achieved.
  3. Wipe off the excess with a piece of cotton or a new Microfiber Cloth
  4. Wipe off with a dampened Microfiber Cloth with white spirit to remove the oil film.
  5. Allow the surface to dry well before applying a wax.
  6. To achieve an aged look on a gilded surface, lightly dust the surface using a Soft Wool Brush
  7. Brush off the excess of Rottenstone, leaving the dust to lie in the indentation.

For a newly gilded surface, you can use Kolner Patina to achieve an aged gilded look.

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