Gilders Starter Kit, All you need to gild anything in water gilding, 11 Items


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  • Gilding kit-set for water gilding (11 items)
  • Agate stone burnisher #17
  • Gilders cushion
  • Gilders knife double edge
  • Gilder’s tip 80mm wide
  • 22k gold leaf booklet – 25 leafs


In stock

Traditional water gilding kit-set. To start gilding, we have put together all the products and tools that you need to start gilding.  This kit set includes the following:

  1. Agate stone burnisher #17
  2. Gilders cushion 25x18cm
  3. Gilders knife double edge
  4. Synthetic steel wool polishing pad
  5. Gilder’s tip 80mm wide
  6. 22k gold leaf booklet – 25 leafs
  7. Genuine silver leaf – booklet of 25 leafs
  8. Contour sanding sponge
  9. Gesso – gilding plaster 200g
  10. Shellac, gold leaf protective finish 100g
  11. Rabbit skin glue – in grain – 100g

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