Genuine Copper Leaf in Roll For Interior Gilding, 16cm wide, 50m long


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  • Genuine copper leaf in roll
  • Interior use only
  • 16cm wide by 50 meter
  • Made in Italy by Nazionale


In Stock

Copper roll for gilding walls and large area. Interior designers and picture framing professionals use them. Turn a plain wall into a metallic finish to provide a luxurious environment in your home, restaurant, and office.

How to apply copper roll on the wall?

Open the roll and start at the top,  place on the wall first 5cm of the roll then open the roll all the way down to the floor but avoid touching the floor. Make sure that the roll is perfectly vertical and then use a paint roller starting from the top going all the way down. The paint roller must not touch the adhesive, ensure that the roller stays on the copper pressing down to ensure that all the copper is stuck on the wall. Cut the copper at the bottom where the wall ends.

To apply the second sheet, again start at the top, place the copper roll 1cm overlapping the first sheet that you just sticked, follow the same method as you did with the first sheet till you finish all the wall.

The copper roll is very soft and fragile, do not pull it hard not to get torn. If this happen, then simply cut the torn area of the copper roll and start again.

Thickness: Approx 1 micron.

The roll is 16cm wide; you can also cut to a specific width so that you waste not the gold leaf.

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