24K Edible Gold Flakes For Honey, Chocolates and Sweets Products, Size 1, 1g

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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  • 1g Edible flakes
  • Flakes size 1
  • 24k Gold Flakes
  • Edible Standard
  • Made in Germany


In Stock

Our edible gold flakes are made from 24k genuine gold leaf certified by the EU and US as edible and safe. Cosmetic, Honey, chocolates and cake manufacturers buy these flakes to add a luxury touch to their products.

  • Content: 1g
  • Flakes size 1
  • Made from genuine 24k gold flakes.
  • Edible and cosmetics standard.
  • Always avoid touching gold flakes with your fingers.
  • Avoid breathing over the flakes as this will cause the flakes to fly away.
  • Use the supplied edible gold flakes within three years.

Who buy these gold flakes?

Add a touch of luxury to your product, drink bottles, sweets, chocolate, cakes, sushi, honey, and chocolate. In addition, soap makers, artists, and professional craftsmen also use flakes in their creativity.


All our gold flakes and gold leafs contain no chemicals, no vegetal extracts, no anti-oxidants, no bio-additives, no preservatives, and no chelating agents.

Gold Flakes for the cosmetics industry:

Gold is a luxury ingredient for a skincare product. It has intrinsic properties that restore the skin to a healthy state.