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Polishing and Finishing Gilder’s Set (8pcs) Must Have


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  • Gilder’s polishing set
  • Content: 8 pieces
  • For all gilding projects


In Stock

Gilder’s polishing set of 8 pieces must have to gilding professionally.

Gold Leaf Polishing Instacoll Tissue

This extra smooth and fluffiness cloth is for polishing the gold leaf. Polishing the gilded surface with this Instacoll tissue not only removes floating flakes and provides a solid, shiny finish but also highlights spots that you missed or not gilded probably.

The Instacoll Tissue is convenient for sing-writers; you will need this tissue to polish the gilded surface, especially on the glass.

Gilder’s Gloves For Genuine And Metal Leaf Application

Gilder’s gloves (one size) are used for all genuine and imitation leaf application. Prevents hands sweating on the gilded surface due to its spaced woven threads. Always wear gloves when applying the gold leaf to avoid leaving fingerprints on the gilded surface. These fingerprints will stain your gold or silver leaf later on.  Wear these gloves to polish the gilded surface and removes redundant flakes.

Gilders Sanding Sponge 180 Grit

Multi use sanding sponge: To smooth the wood surface before applying the gesso, use this sanding sponge. You can also use this sponge to sand the gesso layer to get a smooth finish before you apply the gilders clay. Perfect for uneven surface especially for carved details and curves shapes.

Gilders Sponge. Size: 140x114x5mm. Made in USA

Synthetic Steel Wool Polishing Pad

Before you apply the leaf on top of the gilders clay, polish the clay layer with this polishing pad to get a smooth and shiny finish. You can also use this polishing pad for the gesso layer just before you apply the gilders clay.

Gilders Sponge. Super fine. Size: 111x140x6mm. Made in USA

Gilder’s Mop/Duster, Soft Goat Bristles, Oval Shape, Natural Wood

These gilders’ dusters are made from the finest goat bristles. They are also known as Gilder’s Mop, made with natural wooden handles. Move the brush in a circular motion and all directions to allow the gold leaf to stick to the surface. Once finished gilding, gently remove the gold leaf excess with this brush.

Two brushes: 30mm and 50mm.

Vinyl gloves

Multi-use for all projects, to keep hands clean.