Edible Silver Leaf Booklet, 25 Leafs, Leaf size 95x95mm

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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  • Pure Edible Silver
  • 25 Leafs in a booklet
  • Loose leafs
  • Made in Germany


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Edible silver leaf, a booklet of 25 leafs. Made exclusively for the food industry. Edible silver leafs are great for decorating dark background such as chocolate, sushi, fish and other gourmet that is either light or dark colour.

– Leaf size: 95x95mm.
– Inside the booklet there are 25 silver leafs.
– A bit thicker silver leafs than the Chinese leafs.
– It can be used whole to cover larger areas or cut into smaller pieces.
– These genuine silver leafs are placed loosely and individually in a paper tissue.
– Edible silver leafs are great together with gold leafs as they provide contrast and luxury environment in one dish.
– Best choice and more economical for cake shops and sweets manufacturers.

How do you apply edible silver leaf to a cake?

  • Simply slide the silver leaf onto the cake. You can also use the Edible Leaf Application Brush to place the gold / silver leaf precisely where you want.
  • Always avoid touching silver leafs with your fingers.
  • Apply the leafs in a non-drafty environment.
  • Avoid breathing over the leaf as this will cause the leaf to rincle or fly away.
  • Always keep the leafs in a dry place, between 10c and 30c.
  • Use the supplied edible gold or silver leafs within 3 years from date of purchase.
  • For the edible silver leaf to stick, make sure your cake is free of any powder or sugar.
  • If the surface of the cake is wet or moist already, then that’s best, if it is dry and hard (such as biscuit) brush a thin layer of water over the area where you will apply the silver leaf using a food paintbrush.
  • Use the Edible Leaf Application Brush for picking up the silver leaf and place precisely where you want on the cake, the Gilder’s Tip is perfect for applying silver leaf vertically such as on the cake outside walls.
  • If you do not have the Edible Leaf Application Brush, slide the silver leaf to drop where you want. For Transfer silver leaf, face the silver side on the cake and then use cotton or the Transfer brush and press down gently on the back of the tissue paper to transfer the leaf from its tissue paper onto the cake.

How long does edible gold/silver leaf last?

The edible gold leaf lasts up to three years from the date of manufacturing. Edible Gold is used in gourmet foods, such as cocktails, pastries as a decorative ingredient.

Is edible silver leaf real gold?

Yes, edible silver leaf or flakes are made of pure Gold 24k, however, it also comes in 23k, (99% gold and 1% silver) both genuine gold and silver are safe to consume. Thus edible silver leaf is relatively inexpensive.

Can you use edible silver leaf on buttercream?

Buttercream is the perfect foundation for loose edible silver leaf because the leafs are so thin they will follow the contour of the butter and stick easily.

What does silver leaf taste like?

Edible silver has no taste at all, it is nothing but a shiny glitter that adds luxury style to your food.

What is best: Loose or Transfer silver leaf?

  • Loose Edible silver leaf: are best for soft surfaces such as cream, butter and jelly. Drop the loose-leaf, and it will stick by itself without having to press down on it.
  • Transfer Edible silver leaf is best for the solid or hard surfaces where you can press down on the tissue paper to ensure that the silver has stuck on all the dentation and curves. Besides, the Transfer silver leaf is great for gilding the outside of your cake vertically.
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