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Gold Marie 23k Edible Gold Hearts For Food & Drinks, 300mg, Edible Standard

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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  • 23k Edible gold hearts
  • Edible standard
  • Net content: 300mg
  • Made in Germany


Sold Out

23k Edible gold hearts made by Goldmarie in Germany. A true golden gift that you will earn the heart of those you give to. Sprinkle over latte, espresso or on any dish to creat a golden moment with your love.

– Genuine 23k gold hearts
– 200mg genuine gold hearts.
– Show that you have a golden heart with these edible gold hearts.
– Also suitable for decorating cakes and dishes of all kinds. it is ideal for embellishing and lighting your table on any occasion.
– Always avoid touching gold flakes with your fingers.
– Avoid breathing over the flakes as this will cause the flakes to fly away.
– Always keep the flakes in a dry place, between 10c and 30c.