Gold Passion 23k Edible Gold Leaf 5 leafs booklet, Leaf size 6x6cm

Noris Blatt Gold Fabrik Brand

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23k Edible Gold Leaf
5 Leafs in booklet
65x65mm leaf size
Made in Germany


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Impress your loved one with this 23k Gold Passion Edible Gold leaf, made in Germany. High quality edible gold leaf for corporate gift. Perfect for wedding gift, Graduation gift, business gift and so on..

Real gold leaf for food and beverages, Food additive no. E 175(Gold).

Gold leaf loose
The gold leaves are placed in paper booklets, loosely inlaid in 5 compartments, one for each leaf. To cut the leaf, one may take it from the booklet with the gilding knife and place it on the gilding cushion or drop it directly from the booklet onto the gilding cushion. Then, pick up the leaf with the gilder’s tip and place it onto the prepared surface.