24K Genuine Gold flakes, 100mg, Edible & Cosmetics Standard, Size 4


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  • 23k Edible gold flakes
  • Net weight 100mg
  • Flakes size 4


In stock

23k Gold flakes, size 4. Great presence of gold that would most certainly impress those whom you offer to.

– 23k Genuine Gold flakes.
– Also suitable for decorating cakes and dishes of all kinds. it is ideal for embellishing and lighting your table on any occasion, from the morning flat white to the special event dish, by sprinkling some of these gold flakes on top.
– Always avoid touching gold flakes with your fingers.
– Avoid breathing over the flakes as this will cause the flakes to fly away.
– Always keep the flakes in a dry place, between 10c and 30c.
– Use the supplied edible gold or silver flakes within 3 years from date of purchase.
– Ingredient: 99% gold and 1% silver. This is the ideal ration for edible gold flakes.